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Sustainability Report – Non-Financial Statement

In 2018 CIR group published its first consolidated Non-Financial Statement (NFS) for the year 2017, in compliance with the terms of Legislative Decree no. 254/2016. As the report was prepared in accordance with the “G4” guidelines published by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the NFS also constitutes third edition of the Group’s Sustainability Report.

The DNF aims to describe in a transparent way the initiatives and the main results achieved in terms of sustainability performance during the year, further consolidating the dialogue between the group and all its stakeholders. The DNF covers environmental, social, personnel-related issues, respect for human rights and the fight against active and passive corruption that are relevant taking into account the group's activities and characteristics, as illustrated in the materiality matrix.

The document was audited by the company KPMG S.p.A.
Some highlights of the CIR group contained in the 2017 report are as follows:

- economic value distributed: € 2,734.7 million (+8% vs 2016);
- economic value distributed to personnel: € 732.7 million (+2.8%);
- employees at year end: 15,813 (+10.4%);
- female employees at year end: 7,597 (+12.7%);
- CIR S.p.A. Shareholders: approximately 9,000;
- greenhouse gas emissions: 190,853t (+1.8%);
- hazardous waste produced: 10,001t (+6.6%).