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The CIR group and each of the companies belonging to the group are inspired by a common policy for the management of human resources, which is based on the centrality of the individual, giving full value to human capital, respect for diversity and the promotion of equal opportunities. CIR is committed to fostering a workplace that allows its people to develop and strengthen their competences and to create value for the company and for all its stakeholders. Respecting the common values of the group, the individual companies manage their people through Human Resources functions that are distinct and independent one of the other according to the specific nature of each of them and of the different business sectors in which they operate.

A total of 14,329 people were employed by the CIR group at December 31 2016, with an increase of 1.3% on 2015, thanks mainly to the increase in the employees of KOS (+7%). Of the subsidiaries, Sogefi is the one with the greatest number of employees, who totalled 6,801 in 2016, with a rise of 1.5% on the previous year.

55% of the CIR group’s employees are based in Italy. In addition to its 14,329 employees, in 2016 the CIR group had 1,806 freelancers, or people who work for the group but are not included in the category “employees”: for example the non-employed staff of whatever kind working for KOS (doctors, nurses, etc.) and Sogefi’s temporary or agency staff.

GEDI typically has a strong sense of belonging, which fosters the achievement of results in line with the company’s objectives. An extremely dynamic environment and the need to take rapid decisions in complex situations require teamwork and an exchange of knowledge. There are different categories of employment contracts, in line with the different business areas in which the company operates.

KOS is committed to ensuring that its people have the necessary requisites to do their work in the best way possible, in a framework of constant reliability and improvement of the service offered to patients and their families. Kos too has a very varied workforce, with the aim of guaranteeing the presence of adequate staff to accompany patients at every stage of their stay in the company’s facilities.

International presence is a point of strength for Sogefi, which gives great importance to the integration of different cultures, experiences, habits and languages present among its staff. For Sogefi the heterogeneity of its personnel is a fundamental value, which has generated a team spirit at all levels of responsibility in the company.

Sogefi: filtration plant’s employee