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The CIR group is constantly engaged in the search for solutions able to guarantee a responsible use of resources, a reduction in energy consumption, use of raw materials, and a better management of atmosphere emissions. Despite its status as a holding company, CIR produces limited environmental impacts, but it is committed to guaranteeing respect for the environment and monitoring the main environmental indicators in order to provide a measure of environmental impacts.

Sogefi is first of all committed to creating auto components that guarantee the safeguarding of the environment. In particular, Sogefi evaluates and reduces the impact of new products and processes; prevents pollution and avoids or reduces the use of dangerous materials; reduces the consumption of energy and resources to encourage re-use and recycling; limits the production of refuse, emissions, waste materials and leakage.

GEDIs commitment to protecting the environment is expressed in various initiatives aimed at reducing, where possible, the impact on the environment of products and production activities, for example through the efficient use of natural resources, the optimization of logistic flows and the responsible management of waste materials.

KOS manages care homes for the elderly, hospitals, and rehabilitation centres, and has no production sites: its consumption of energy and material resources are for the benefit of its patients, and for the running of its facilities and its medical machinery and equipment. For KOS the technological efficiency of its systems permits the reduction of resource consumption.

During 2018 the electricity consumption of the companies of the CIR group totalled 363,509,900 kWh (3% reduction on 2017). Approximately 74% of consumption was attributable to Sogefi, due to the type of business it is engaged in and the high number of industrial plants that it operates. The natural gas consumption of the CIR group totalled 44,141,820 cubic metres (3% less than 2017), of which 83% was attributable to Sogefi. Overall, companies in the CIR group produced approximately 190,107 tonnes of carbon dioxide made up of natural gas (Scope 1) and electricity (Scope 2) (+0.7% on 2017). In line with the consumption of electricity and gas, around 74% of the emissions recorded in 2017 were produced by Sogefi. The CIR group produced a total of 44,631 tonnes of waste (+10% on 2016).
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