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The CIR group undertakes to apply virtuous models for its customer relationships, particularly by complying with all regulations that guarantee maximum health and safety for customers.

Of fundamental importance for Espresso is the subject of the protection of privacy and personal information. The group ensures the confidentiality of information in its possession and compliance with regulations on the subject of personal information. The data base of users is managed in accordance with the terms of the document “Rules of conduct for the secure management of company resources” issued by the Central Department for Production, Information Systems and General Services (DCTP) of Gruppo Editoriale L’Espresso. Regarding the digital sector, Espresso guarantees the protection of personal information and all the group websites have the notice about the use of cookies for various purposes.

Attention to the health and safety of patients is an essential requisite for all of KOS’s activities. For hospitals and care-homes, procedures have been put in place to guarantee the safety of patients in all of the services provided (e.g. the prevention of falls, the prevention of infections transmitted in hospitals, moving patients and managing medication). The company undertakes to carry out a constant watch on infections within the sphere of the Hospital Infections Committee (CIO).  Moreover, to guarantee a constant improvement on the subject of health and safety, KOS’s facilities have put in place systems of internal control and clinical risk management at regional level. For KOS too, safeguarding privacy has a fundamental role: in the Code of Ethics the company ensures the confidentiality of the information in its possession and guarantees compliance with the rules on the subject of personal information. In confirmation of its ongoing commitment, in 2015 for all KOS companies the Policy Document on the Security of Information was again updated and revised.

Lastly, in Sogefi the style of conduct towards customers – mainly car producers – is based on willingness, respect and courtesy as part of a collaborative and professional relationship. In line with the principles of impartiality and equal opportunities, the company undertakes to guarantee equal opportunities to all its customers and to supply high-quality products and services that satisfy the reasonable expectations of customers and protect their health and safety.  Through the Project Risk Design Analysis carried out on all products and services, the company constantly checks that the requisites of health and safety of its offer are met with.
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