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The CIR group undertakes to apply virtuous models for its customer relationships, particularly by complying with all regulations that guarantee maximum health and safety for customers.

In Sogefi the style of conduct towards customers mainly car producers is based on willingness, respect and courtesy as part of a collaborative and professional relationship. In line with the principles of impartiality and equal opportunities, the company undertakes to guarantee equal opportunities to all its customers and to supply high-quality products and services that satisfy the reasonable expectations of customers and protect their health and safety.   Through the Project Risk Design Analysis carried out on all products and services, the company constantly checks that the requisites of health and safety of its offer are met with.

In the use of the personal information of its customers, GEDI has strict policies that are constantly updated, in line with current rules on the subject at national and European level, as applied and interpreted in the measures of the Authority for the protection of personal information. This policy refers in particular to the data collected and managed through digital property rights and hinges on the principles of need for the data, proportionality, transparency and freedom of choice of the individual involved. In this context, the company uses only the information that is actually needed in order to supply the services and the content requested by users and in any other cases (commercial and marketing purposes), data can be used only after users have given their informed consent freely after receiving adequate information.

KOS has among its objectives the supply of courses of treatment, rehabilitation and assistance in total safety for patients and staff. For hospitals and care-homes, procedures have been put in place for guaranteeing patient safety, for the prevention of hospital-transmitted infections and pressure ulcers, for the correct management of medication and immobilization, for the organization of the emergency trolley and for the correct management of clinical records. In the various facilities, Committees have been set up for the prevention of hospital transmitted infections. To ensure quality and safety, systems of process checks have been activated: in the last year, all KOS facilities have been examined to see whether procedures are being applied correctly, with the resulting identification for each facility of ongoing improvements in order to ensure full compliance with the quality objectives that have been set. Furthermore, the KOS facilities operating in Lombardy and Emilia Romagna have adopted regional systems of clinical risk management, while those operating in the Marche region have developed an in-house system. For the care homes there is also a system for signalling sentinel events. For KOS too, safeguarding privacy has a fundamental role: in the Code of Ethics the company ensures the confidentiality of the information in its possession and guarantees compliance with the rules on the subject of personal information. In 2018 the Policy Document on the Security of Information, which records and assesses all uses of personal information by the facilities, was again revised and updated.
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