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Our stakeholders

To pursue the company objectives, it is essential to develop forms of dialogue and constant interaction with both internal and external stakeholders, in order to understand their needs, interests and expectations of various kinds. Being able to anticipate changes and identify emerging trends through dialogue with stakeholders enables CIR to generate value added that is shared and constant in the long term.

To this end, in the definition of its strategy, its policies and its daily conduct, the group considers the interests of its stakeholders, with whom it undertakes to establish relationships of trust, based on the principles of transparency, an open mind and an ability to listen.

CIR carried out a detailed analysis of its stakeholders, identifying their degree of influence/dependence and analysing the importance that they assign to the specific sustainability issues of their sector and the context in which they work. Ten types of stakeholders have been identified:

The priorities are different for the various companies of the group.

For example, the stakeholder Media and Opinion Leaders is more important for Espresso. By contrast, KOS considers the stakeholder Customers to be more important, meaning patients and their families. Lastly, Sogefi considers all the stakeholders shown in the diagram above to be equally important.

The approach used by the group to communicate with its stakeholders has continually evolved over time and has consisted of various kinds of initiative aimed at using the many channels available in the best possible way.

As far as CIR is concerned, numerous activities are carried out by the group Communication Department, which is responsible for managing relations between the company and news agencies/opinion leaders on the subject of corporate communication: during 2018 more than 70 press releases were published through Borsa Italiana, all the main news agencies were present at the Annual General Meeting of the Shareholders, and the Chief Executive Officer was interviewed by Prima Comunicazione and the Chairman was interviewed by Bloomberg. Furthermore, in line with the growing digitalization of content, in 2018 the group published information for its stakeholders through its website, through social networks (specifically LinkedIn and Twitter) and with a newsletter. 

The Investor Relations department manages the flow of information to shareholders, financial analysts and institutional investors, in compliance with the rules established for the disclosure of information and documents.  During 2018 two conference call were organized with analysts and investors to illustrates results and strategies. Management also held two road shows for the financial community and engaged in 24 one-to-one meetings.

Dialogue with the local areas in which it operates is particularly important for the group: in the media and healthcare sectors, for example, there are many initiatives organized for the local communities with the aim of divulging, orienting, informing and entertaining.

Each of the companies of the group has carried out specific shareholder engagement activities, interacting with the categories of stakeholders that are most significant for its particular business.