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Sorgenia: the "L'EcoPensiero" blog reaches 100,000 visitors

Sorgenia's blog "EcoPensiero" has reached 100,000 visitors. This confirms, one year after the blog's launch, its successful format based on the strength of social networks in promoting the values of energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. The "social" approach starts from the company's website www.sorgenia.it, which shows on its homepage the links to the different channels. These channels are: Facebook: L’EcoPensiero profile (www.facebook.com/ecopensiero), with pictures and news. Twitter: L’EcoPensiero profile (www.twitter.com/ecopensiero), with daily news on energy efficiency and environmental sustainability YouTube (www.yotube.com/sorgenia): with videos of advertising, animations showing Sorgenia's commitment to the environment, tutorials to find out more about the free market for energy. Flickr (www.flickr.com/sorgenia): with pictures of wind, solar and hydroelectric plants.  

5 October 2010 | 09:39 CEST