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Sorgenia launches its Quality Service Charter

Sorgenia is launching its Quality Service Charter, a document that commits the company to guaranteeing its customers higher standards of service than those required by the regulations of the energy market. The goal of the Charter - which is based on an analysis of some of the most successful international practices - is to promote maximum transparency in all aspects of the contract, from sales to billing to complaints. In particular, Sorgenia is committed to ensuring a definite activation date once the contract has been signed (even if legislation does not require this) and to issuing, in at least 80% of cases, bills based on actual meter readings and, in the case of remote meters, never sending more than two consecutive bills based on estimated readings (vendors such as Sorgenia cannot actually take the meter readings which is the responsibility of the local distributors who collect meter information on a regular basis and transmit it to the vendor). For complaints, the Charter sets a shorter time for companies to respond to customers  than that recommended by the Energy Authority and a maximum waiting time for telephone customers. The company has also set up an observatory with the main consumer groups in order to verify compliance with the commitments contained in the Charter and to identify new areas for improvement.

16 October 2012 | 18:13 CEST