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Sorgenia launches Consumer Manual

Sorgenia has produced a Consumer Manual, a guide in eight chapters giving customers information on how to activate and manage an energy supply contract. It is based on the legal requirements published by the General Authority for Competition and the Market and on the instructions passed on by the Authority for Electricity and Gas to consumer associations.   The initiative was presented today in Rome in the presence of, among others, the Secretary General of the Antitrust Luigi Fiorentino, electricity Authority commissioner Luigi Carbone, the Chairman of the Industry Committee of the Senate Cesare Cursi, the General Manager of Sorgenia Riccardo Bani and representatives of consumer associations Adiconsum (Pietro Giordano), Federconsumatori (Mauro Zanini) and Cittadinanzattiva (Antonio Gaudioso). This is the first consumer guide to be produced in Italy for the free energy market promoting transparency and customer rights. The manual describes the practical measures introduced by Sorgenia to improve the standards required by legislation for the supply of energy services: from the transparency of the new contract documents to systems for checking that procedures are followed correctly at the sales stage; from the preparation of various instruments for an immediate direct contact with the customer to the procedure for checking that the customer actually wants to sign a contract with Sorgenia, through the introduction of a Quality Call Center, a preliminary welcome letter and a simpler procedure for customers to notify the company that they have had second thoughts during the cool-off period.

4 October 2011 | 11:57 CEST