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Sorgenia and Edison present protocol of self-regulation to combat unfair commercial practices

Sorgenia and Edison's first protocol of voluntary self-regulation has come into effect. Its aim is to counter the phenomenon of the stipulation of contracts for the supply of electricity and natural gas that have not been requested by consumers. The objective of the Protocol, which has the support of the Italian Consumers' Associations (CNCU), is to ensure maximum protection for consumers. The document calls for seven attempted 'confirmation calls' to confirm the consumer’s actual intention to sign the contract instead of the 5 calls currently indicated by the regulator. In addition, following complaints of unfair trade practices, the two companies are committed to stopping the issue of eventual invoices until the completion of the necessary checks. Financial penalties and disciplinary action are also foreseen against dishonest sellers, as well as a more training and sensitization for agents. The implementation of the protocol, in conclusion, will be guaranteed by internal monitoring and an external observatory with the participation of consumer associations. In conclusion, in cases of non-compliance with the document, the companies undertake to monetarily compensate effected consumers for their inconvenience.

8 March 2013 | 18:18 CET