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Launch of Sorgenia Green, new company focusing on renewables

At the end of the first half 2011, the company Sorgenia Green was established with the aim to further strengthen the presence of the Sorgenia group in renewable sources, concentrating all the personnel, plant and development projects in the sector in a single 100% owned company. Sorgenia Green, in particular, holds all Sorgenia’s wind energy activities in Italy, France, Romania and Greece and its initiatives for designing, building and marketing photovoltaic plants in Italy, including those of the new distributed solar project “Sole Mio”. Sorgenia Green will also be managing the group’s projects in hydroelectric and geothermal power. The total overall capacity, including operational plants and those authorized, is more than 500 MW, with projects in the development stages for approximately 2,000 MW. Sorgenia Green has also plans for new investments – included in the Sorgenia business plan – for approximately 500 million euro in the next five years.

27 July 2011 | 15:03 CEST