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CIR and sustainable development

The CIR group is developing a process directed towards sustainability, with the aim of controlling and improving the impact environmental, social and economic that the various businesses have on the local area and on the community.

Although very different, the companies of the CIR group have in common the aim of creating value for all stakeholders and they pay great importance to economic equilibrium, at the same time offering quality products and services and making management decisions that take into account social and environmental sustainability.

In 2014 GEDI, formerly Espresso, began a process of social reporting, through which it intends to inform its stakeholders, in a transparent manner, of its strong commitment to informing its citizen-readers, promoting its social role and its participation with the local area, the attention it pays to human resources and the impact on the environment of its businesses.

Conscious of the social role that it plays, KOS considers responsibility, customer orientation, professionalism, respect, transparency, a spirit of belonging, consistency and respect for diversity to be the fundamental value of its activity. On this basis, it is committed to a path of social responsibility that will enable it to adopt innovative procedures for providing services that focus more than ever on the centrality of the individual.

Lastly, Sogefi has focused its approach to sustainability on the reduction of its impact on the environment, preventing pollution and the use of dangerous materials, optimizing the consumption of energy and resources, preferring to reuse and recycle materials and limiting the production of waste, emissions and leakage.  
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