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RSS feed

Cirgroup.com allows you to receive information through RSS (Really Simple Syndication) in real time. Thanks to RSS feeds, it is possible to receive the latest news published on the website Cirgroup.it on your PC.

If your browser does not support RSS all that is needed is an “aggregator” that can be downloaded on your computer or used through a browser. The aggregator should be selected according to the operating system being used.

Cirgroup.com RSS provides information concerning title, list and date of press releases and events published on Cirgroup.it website.
To activate the feeds, click with the right-hand botton of your mouse on the RSS icon , select “copy link” and paste the link on your favourite aggregator.

 Press Releases and Next Events    
Here you can find a few of the most common aggregators:  
  • Feedreader (Windows)
  • Sharpreader (Windows)
  • Sage (plug-ins FireFox/ThunderBird)
  • Urss (plug-ins Mozilla)
  • Straw (Linux)
  • Netnewswire Lite (Mac OS X)