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CIR files Information document for Transactions of greater importance with Related parties

Milan, March 18 2019 – CIR–Compagnie Industriali Riunite S.p.A. announces that the Information Document on Transactions of Greater Importance with Related Parties, prepared to illustrate the merger by incorporation of CIR S.p.A. into COFIDE S.p.A. approved by the Board of Directors at the meeting held on March 11 2019, is available to the public at the Company’s temporary headquarters in Milan, Via Privata Nervesa 21, on the authorized storage mechanism eMarket STORAGE (www.emarketstorage.com) and on the Company's website www.cirgroup.com in the Governance section.

The Document was prepared in accordance with the terms of Art. 5 of the Regulation approved by Consob with Resolution no. 17221 of March 12 2010 its subsequent amendments and additions, and also with the terms of the Discipline for Transactions with Related Parties adopted by CIR S.p.A.. It also contains the Merger Plan, the Opinion of the Committee for Related-Party Transactions of CIR, the fairness opinion given by the independent financial advisor and the declaration made by the Executive responsible for the preparation of the company’s financial statements.

18 March 2019 | 20:21 CET