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Sogefi (CIR group): 2016 Sustainability Report published

Sogefi, the automotive components company of the CIR Group, announces that its second Sustainability Report, for the year 2016, is online on the website www.sogefigroup.com. It was prepared in accordance with the “G4” guidelines published by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

The main purpose of the Sogefi Sustainability Report is to further consolidate the dialogue between the group and all its stakeholders with the disclosure of information of a non-financial nature about the environment, ethics and rights, people and the social aspects of the business.

Some highlights of the 2016 report, with % changes from 2015, are as follows:
·        +45.9% training hours (130,000);
·        +14.6% tangible investments (€ 58.8 million);
·        +7.5% R&D investments (compared with 5% group revenues growth);
·        -5.8% energy intensity (1,562 Gj/m€ - gigajoules consumed per € million sales revenues recorded);
·        -23.9% water consumption (1,490,324 m³).

Laurent Hebenstreit, Sogefi CEO, said: “This report shows how Sogefi is strengthening its focus on safety, quality, training, innovation and reducing environmental impact. Sustainability is becoming part of the company strategy, culture and day-to-day operations. Being a leading supplier in the global automotive industry, Sogefi is committed to understanding and reflecting the ongoing challenges in relation to environmental and safety standards and also to promoting and disseminating sustainability principles throughout the supply chain”.

The document, which begins with a letter to the stakeholders from Chairman Monica Mondardini and Chief Executive Laurent Hebenstreit, contains seven chapters: a profile of the group, economic responsibility, focus on quality and safety, innovation and product responsibility, people, environmental impact, responsible procurement practices. The second edition of the Report was audited by Deloitte&Touche S.p.A.
The Sustainability Report is available here http://www.sogefigroup.com/en/sogefi-group/sustainability.html.

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11 July 2017 | 14:46 CEST