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Launch of ApoKOS, a joint venture in India between KOS and Apollo Hospitals

KOS, the company of the CIR group active in the care-home and healthcare sector, and Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd, the largest healthcare service provider in India, have set up an equal-share joint venture called ApoKOS to explore the potential market for rehabilitation services, which is currently undeveloped in India.

ApoKOS has set up a first rehabilitation unit in Hyderabad with 64 beds, dedicated to patients with neurological, orthopaedic, cardiopulmonary, paediatric, geriatric and oncological problems. KOS has acquired competence in the area of rehabilitation, managing 10 rehabilitation units and 22 outpatient centres in Italy, while Apollo has a profound knowledge of the Indian healthcare market. Thanks to their complementary qualities, the two companies make a good combination for exploring the nascent rehabilitation sector in India.

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18 October 2016 | 14:42 CEST