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Extension completed of the Santo Stefano Institute (KOS group) at Porto Potenza Picena

Today a new block was inaugurated at the Santo Stefano Rehabilitation Centre at Porto Potenza Picena in the Marche Region. The new "F" block has 113 beds mainly for assisting and rehabilitating patients who have suffered serious brain damage. This means that the Institute’s 430 beds can be distributed over a larger space that is equipped with the latest Technologies.

“Building the "F" Block – said Enrico Brizioli, Chief Executive of Santo Stefano, at the ceremony – does not mean just an increase in the number of beds; it also means the reorganization and overall modernization of our original facility. This shows how the company is investing not only to extend the business but also to improve the quality of the services that are being provided”.

“We are carrying out an important programme of development and investment throughout the Marche Region and not only there”, said Giuseppe Vailati Venturi, Chief Executive of the KOS group. Santo Stefano has grown significantly, becoming one of the main operators in rehabilitation in Italy. In the Marche Region alone, Santo Stefano has 27 facilities, of which 15 are day hospitals, around 1200 beds and over 1700 employees and other staff. Thanks to the experience of Santo Stefano, our group has been able to open a first rehabilitation hospital even in India.”

As well as the top management of the KOS group, local government officials and representatives from the church and the military were also present at the inauguration ceremony.

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11 December 2015 | 20:37 CET