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Espresso 2017 guides to best wines and restaurants presented in Florence

L’Espresso's new guides "The wines of Italy" and "The restaurants of Italy" were presented at the Stazione Leopolda in Florence, with 2,700 restaurants chosen, 2,000 reviewed with charts, 50 enotavole ("wine-tables"), 78 pizzerias. Among the innovations of the 2017 edition, the evaluations are expressed with hat symbols, which replace the scores in twentieths. The wine guide has also been radically renewed, no longer generalist but selective, not only for experts but wine lovers too. There are three distinct categories, without scores: the "100 wines to drink immediately", the "100 wines to put in your cellar" and the "100 wines to buy". In conclusion, there are also the best wines of the most important denominations. The guides are on sale in newsstands and book shops (22 euro) and also available in iTunes and Android digital versions (7.99 euro).

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21 October 2016 | 15:06 CEST