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CIR: a photo book for 40 years of business

The company celebrates the anniversary with a collection of 130 pictures depicting its current activities in the Media, Auto Components, and Healthcare sectors. The CIR group has annual revenues of € 2.5bn and more than 14,000 employees

CIR celebrates its first 40 years of business with a photo-book depicting the group through 130 photographs.
Produced in collaboration with the ANSA news agency photo editor Mauro Vallinotto, the purpose of this initiative is to tell the story of CIR through the images of its various activities: from the daily business life at its headquarters in Milan to production in Sogefi’s factories in Italy, France and Brazil; from the rehabilitation technologies of KOS in Italy’s Marche Region to Espresso’s newsrooms and radio studios in Rome.

The book, entitled ‘Pictures and stories of business’, will be distributed to CIR employees, group companies and its stakeholders.

“This photo book – ANSA writes in the preface – is not about the company’s history. The document, in fact, uses text and above all images to tell the story of CIR today, forty years after it was founded. A financially solid group, with controlling interests in three companies active in very different sectors (Espresso in Media, Sogefi in Auto Components, and KOS in Healthcare), with positive results but also with important challenges that need to be tackled”.

Today the CIR group boasts 2.5 billion Euros in annual sales and employs more than 14,000 people, 8,000 of whom in Italy. The parent company, listed on the Milan Stock Exchange, has more than 13,500 shareholders.

CIR was founded at the end of 1976 when Carlo De Benedetti acquired the Turin-based company ‘Concerie Italiane Riunite’, transforming it into a diversified holding company and changing its name to the current ‘Compagnie Industriali Riunite’. Carlo De Benedetti, today Honorary Chairman, passed control of the group to his three sons Rodolfo (current Chairman of CIR), Marco and Edoardo more than three years ago. The group CEO is Monica Mondardini, a non-family manager. She has been CEO of Espresso since 2009 and of CIR since 2013.

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4 November 2016 | 15:15 CET