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The CIR group aims to create value for all its shareholders with a long-term strategy based on four pillars:

  • focus management attention on the three major industrial shareholdings (GEDI in Media, Sogefi in Auto-parts, KOS in Healthcare);
  • strengthening the holding’s activity of coordination and control;

  • utilize available resources to prioritize growth opportunities and strengthen the three industrial activities of the group;

  • rationalize non-core investments with a progressive disposal of the less significant shareholdings.

The development objectives in the group’s three main areas of activity are:

Automotive components

  • position Sogefi among the best in the sector in terms of client satisfaction, profitability, cash flow and sustainability;
  • develop Sogefi’s leadership in Europe, faster profitable growth in North America and Asia;
  • strengthen the competitiveness of existing and new plants by deploying Sogefi Excellence System;
  • innovate new products to contribute to reduction of vehicle-weight and of CO2 emissions.

  • focus on development both by building up traditional activities through constant review of its product range, and by taking up all the new opportunities the market may offer;
  • expand the content of its brands on new digital platforms;
  • assert itself in the advertising market, along the lines already introduced by the in-house advertising company;
  • preserve corporate profitability, at a time of economic crisis which has had negative impact on turnover, by acting on costs and on company reorganization.


  • consolidate KOS’ central role in the Italian care-home and healthcare sector with a client-oriented approach which provides quality service and efficiency;
  • develop nursing homes (RSAs), rehabilitation centres and its range of diagnostic services and oncology treatments offered in Central and Northern Italy, both through acquisitions and the opening of new facilities;
  • develop diagnostic and oncology treatments as well as rehabilitation services at an international level.