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Compensation and benefits

The principles of centrality of the individual and protection of equal opportunities set out in the Code of Ethics of the CIR group translate into the promotion of company welfare initiatives, the main aim of which is to reconcile the work commitment of employees with their private lives. CIR has adopted, partly at the request of its employees, numerous initiatives in their favour. Among these are the following:

Flexible working instruments
Flexibility of working  hours at both ends of the work shift, which makes it possible to establish a relationship of trust and mutual respect between staff and company; part-time working hours, governed by the terms of the national labour contracts (CCNL) which are an instrument that give a degree of flexibility in working hours, compatibly with the organizational and production needs of the company.

Additional health cover
CIR wishes to contribute to the tranquillity of its employees with healthcare initiatives that give them greater protection for their health, supplementing the cover provided by the National Health Service. Therefore, the company gives its employees of all levels additional healthcare cover, which involves partly covering healthcare expenses incurred by workers and their immediate families up to maximum annual limits.

Tax assistance

All employees can have free tax assistance in the compilation of their annual tax returns.

Compensation policies
Regarding compensation policies, CIR has different systems for the different professional categories; apart from the salary element, this also includes systems of financial incentives linked to either individual or company objectives, fostering a sense of belonging to the group. The compensation policies of the group are aimed at guaranteeing competitiveness in the labour market, in line with the objectives of rewarding the loyalty of human resources and enabling them to grow professionally, as well as providing different instruments of compensation to staff on the basis of their individual professionalism and competences.