June - Sorgenia and KKR form a joint-venture in the wind energy sector in France. Sogefi acquires the automotive parts group Mark IV Systèmes Moteurs. July - The Civil Court of Appeal  sentences Fininvest to pay CIR the sum of 560 euro as compensation for the damage suffered in the ‘Lodo Mondadori’ affair. Sorgenia Green is established  as a new company of the Sorgenia group wholly devoted to renewable sources. October - Sorgenia enters residential sector.
Rodolfo De Benedetti (Chairman of CIR) and Carlo De Benedetti (Honorary Chairman of CIR)
Rodolfo De Benedetti (Chairman of CIR) and Carlo De Benedetti (Honorary Chairman of CIR)


January - Gruppo Espresso and Huffington Post Media Group announce their joint venture Huffington Post Italia. The website was launched in September. May – Sorgenia inaugurates a combined cycle power plant at Lodi. July – Sogefi grows in the Indian market with two new factories. October -  Carlo De Benedetti completes the succession process in the group announcing that he is ceding control to his three sons without return consideration. Following this donation, at the 2013 Annual General Meeting of the Shareholders, Rodolfo De Benedetti will be elected executive chairman of CIR and Monica Mondardini will be appointed as chief executive. December - Kos celebrates 10 years in business.


April - Cir Board appoints Rodolfo De Benedetti Chairmain and Monica Mondardini CEO. July - Andrea Mangoni appointed new CEO and Chairman of Sorgenia. September - Court of Cassation confirms the compensation to Cir for the Lodo Mondadori. The final amount is approximately 490 million euro. Kos's international development continues with new contracts for the management of technologies in UK and India. October - Sogefi opens a new engine systems plant in Monterrey (Mexico).  November – The advertising concession holder Manzoni, exclusive dealership of the Espresso Group, is 150 years old. December -  Sorgenia presents Business plan 2014-2020.


January - Sogefi opens two new plants in Shanghai. June - KOS reaches total of 70 healthcare facilities with acquisition in Emilia-Romagna. Espresso and TIMB launch “Persidera”, one of the main network operators in Italy. July - Agreement reached by shareholders-banks for debt restructuring and change of control for Sorgenia. October - Luigi Vicinanza is the new editor of the weekly magazine L’Espresso. Sogefi, CEO Fiocchi leaves the company, Monica Mondardini Executive Vice Chairman. September - Sogefi’s lightweight springs make their debut with Audi. 


March - CIR's exit from Sorgenia completed. June - Sogefi Board appoints Monica Mondardini Chairmain and Laurent Hebenstreit CEO. October - L’Espresso is 60 years old. November - Ezio Mauro steps down as Editor of Repubblica. Espresso Board of Directors designates Mario Calabresi as new Editor.         
Photograghy book for CIR’s 40 years
Photograghy book for CIR’s 40 years


January - La Repubblica celebrates its 40th birthday. March - Espresso and Itedi: agreement to integrate the two groups. The aim of the merger is to create a group that will be a leader in Italy and be among the most important in Europe in daily and digital news. May - CIR and F2i complete the purchase of 46.7% of KOS from Ardian. July - Tommaso Cerno is the new editor of the weekly magazine L’Espresso. October - Espresso: sale of newspapers "Il Centro", "La Città di Salerno", “Alto Adige" and “Trentino”. November – Business Insider to launch in Italy in partnership with Espresso. Decembre - CIR celebrates its first 40 years with a photo book. 


January -  Repubblica.it celebrates its 20th birthday. April - Itedi-Espresso group to be called Gedi. June - CIR has been awarded a European Sustainability prize. October -  Gedi has acquired 10% of Radio Italia from Mario Volanti. November - The new version of Repubblica is launched. December -  KOS breaks new ground in Campania and expands in Veneto.


February - KOS purchases a psychiatric facility in Rome. April – The Board of Directors of GEDI appoints Marco De Benedetti as Chairman, John Elkann and Monica Mondardini as Vice-Chairman and Laura Cioli Chief Executive Officer of the company. May - KOS acquires a care home and a psychiatric facility in Emilia Romagna. June - Sogefi signs a new engine-coolant-pump contract for hybrid vehicles with Volvo Cars. August - Sogefi successfully signs a final agreement concerning claims made by two customers of its subsidiary Sogefi Air & Cooling S.A.S. (formerly Systèmes Moteurs S.A.S.), relating to the supply of a defective component. September - Sogefi signs contract for innovative coolant module for electric sports car.