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Rules for Shareholders' meetings

The shareholders’ meeting can be attended by shareholders either in person or by proxy by:
  • Directors;
  • Statutory auditors;
  • general managers;
  • deputy general managers;
  • company executives;
  • other employees whose presence is deemed useful by the Chairman.
Financial analysts, journalists and guests may be present as listeners and do not have voting rights. The Chairman gives the quorum for the shareholders’ meeting to be valid and declares the session open, moderates the debate and decides who to give the floor to. Those with voting rights, and representatives of bond holders can ask for the floor once only for each topic and can make observations and request information. Those with voting rights can put forward proposals related to items on the agenda. The Chairman manages the business of the meetings and can moderate the speakers as well as exclude from the meeting anyone who obstructs the debate or hinders the regular conduct of the meeting. The Chairman also decides how the votes will be expressed, counted and calculated. The Chairman then gives the results of the vote and closes the meeting.