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External auditors

The shareholders’ meeting awarded a mandate to Deloitte & Touche SpA to audit the annual and consolidated financial statements and carry out the check that the company accounts are held correctly for the 2008-2016 financial years. Deloitte is also mandated to carry out a limited audit of the interim accounts of the company during this period of time as well as to conduct ongoing checks throughout the year that company accounts are being kept properly.
Fees payable for these activities for each financial year from 2008-2016 are as follows:
  • Audit of the financial statements: 540 hours for 48,000 euros
  • Audit of consolidated statements: 300 hours for 26,000
  • Limited audit of semi-annual statements: 320 hours for 28,000 euros
  • Ongoing yearly check: 90 hours for 8,000 euros
These fees do not include charges such as travel and accommodation expenses, extra technology costs and secretarial and communication costs which are charged as a flat 5% of fees. Fees will be adjusted over time according to official inflation figures. The partner in charge of the CIR audit is Marco MiccoliDeloitte & Touche SpA - Via Tortona, 25 20144 Milan http://www2.deloitte.com/it/it.html