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External auditors

The shareholders’ meeting awarded a mandate to KPMG SpA to audit the annual and consolidated financial statements and carry out the check that the company accounts are held correctly for the 2017-2025 financial years.
Fees payable for these activities for each financial year from 2017-2025 are as follows:
  • audit of the financial statements and check that the accounts are being kept regularlly: 586 hours for 47,800 euros
  • audit of consolidated statements: 326 hours for 26,500
  • limited audit of semi-annual statements: 392 hours for 31,700 euros
These fees do not include charges such as travel and accommodation expenses, extra technology costs and secretarial and communication costs which are charged as a flat 5% of fees. Fees will be adjusted over time according to official inflation figures. The partner in charge of the CIR audit is Giovanni Rebay.

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