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The chart below shows the information required by Article 78 of Consob Resolution no. 11971 of May 14 1999 and subsequent amendments and additions. The data refer to 2018.
Last name and first name Position EmolumentsNon-monetary benefits Bonuses and other incentives Other fees Notes
DE BENEDETTI RODOLFOChairman1,72522----(1a)(1b)(3)
MONDARDINI MONICAChief Executive and General Manager1,443--376--(1a)(1b)(1c)(1d)(2)

BERTHERAT PHILIPPEDirector34------(1a)(1f)



DE BENEDETTI EDOARDODirector20------(1a)
DEBENEDETTI FRANCODirector20------(1a)
DE BENEDETTI MARCODirector245------(1a)(7)
GIANNINI SILVIADirector35------(1a)(1e)
GRIECO PATRIZIA*Director11------(1a)(1F)
PASINELLI FRANCESCA**Director18------(1a)(1e)
RECCHI CLAUDIO Director48------(1a)(1e)(1f)
TABELLINI GUIDODirector34------(1a)(1f)
MANZONETTO PIETROChairman of Board of Statutory Auditors86------(8)
ALLIEVI ANNA MARIAStatutory Auditor50------
ZINGALES RICCARDOStatutory Auditor95------(8)
Executive with strategic responsibilities2253


* in office until April 28 2018 
** in office since June 04 2018
  1. Fees for the position in the company preparing the financial statements:
     a) fees of 20,000 approved by the AGM
     b) special positions as per Art. 2389 paragraph 3 approved by the Board of Directors in favour of De Benedetti Rodolfo and Mondardini Monica
     c) employee salary
     d) performance-related bonus of  376,000 for reaching profit objectives
     e) Appointments and Compensation Committee
     f) Control and Risk Committee
  2. This is the company's notional cost recognized to the income statement in personnel costs, with an offset in the special equity reserve; IAS accounting values not yet received by the director, thus at the moment only potential.
  3. Fees for non-monetary benefits refer to insurance policies approved by the Board of Directors in favour of De Benedetti Rodolfo.
  4. Fixed fees for the position of Director of the subsidiaries GEDI S.p.A.  ( 25,000) and SOGEFI S.p.A. ( 20,000) 
  5. The amounts include fees for the positions of Director ( 25,000), Deputy Chairman ( 68,219)  and Chief Executive Officer ( 128,888) of GEDI S.p.A.
  6. The item "Fixed fees" does not include the amounts for the position of Director ( 20,000) and Executive Director ( 32,055) in Sogefi S.p.A. paid into CIR S.p.A., and of Director ( 10,000) in KOS S.p.A. because the feed has been waived.
  7. Fixed fees in the subsidiary GEDI S.p.A. for the position of Director ( 25,000) and Chairman 
  8. Fixed fees include remuneration for the position of Statutory Auditor in other companies of the Group.
  9. Value for the company car.