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Control and risk committee

The control and risk committee assists the board of directors with the objectives of ensuring the efficiency of corporate operations, the reliability of financial information, the compliance with laws and regulations and the safeguarding of corporate assets.  The committee reports back to the board once every six months when the financial statements and the semi-annual interim accounts are approved, regarding actions carried out to ensure the adequacy of the company’s system of control. At present the committee is formed exclusively of independent directors. The members of the committee, appointed by the Board of Directors of April 28 2017, are:
  • Maristella Botticini
  • Silvia Giannini
  • Francesca Pasinelli
  • Claudio Recchi
Attendance of control and risk committee meetings in 2018
Name% Attendance
Maristella Botticini 100%
Silvia Giannini 100%
Francesca Pasinelli 100%
Claudio Recchi 80%