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Appointment and remuneration committee

The duty of the appointment and remuneration committee is to ensure transparency and a balanced composition of the board, guaranteeing and adequate number of independent directors. The committee puts forward to the board of directors the remuneration plan for chief executive officers or those holding special positions and of the personnel belonging to top management, stock option plans and, at the indication of the chief executive officers, the criteria for establishing the remuneration of the management of CIR. The members of the committee, appointed by the Board of Directors of 30 June 2014, are:
  • Giampio Bracchi
  • Michael Pistauer
  • Claudio Recchi
  • Guido Tabellini
Attendance of appointment and remuneration committee meetings in 2015
Name% Attendance
Giampio Bracchi 100%
Michael Pistauer 100%
Claudio Recchi 100%
Guido Tabellini 50%