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Board of directors

The company is administered by the Board of Directors and consists of 13 members, eight of which are independent. Directors may remain in office for no longer than three financial years and are appointed and can be re-elected at the Shareholders’ Meeting. The mandate of the current board will expire at the approval of the financial statements as of 31 December 2016.
The board has the power to undertake any action it considers opportune in order to carry out and achieve the company’s objectives.
The Honorary Chairman of CIR is the company’s founder Carlo De Benedetti.
Composition of the board of directors
NamePositionExec/non-execIndependence (Code of Conduct)Independence TUF
Rodolfo De Benedetti ChairmanExec
Monica Mondardini CEOExec
Maristella Botticini DirectorNon execxx
Giampio Bracchi DirectorNon execxx
Franco Debenedetti DirectorNon exec
Edoardo De Benedetti DirectorNon exec
Marco De Benedetti DirectorNon exec
Silvia Giannini DirectorNon execxx
Franco Girard* DirectorNon execxx
Stefano Micossi DirectorNon execxx
Michael Pistauer DirectorNon execxx
Claudio Recchi DirectorNon execxx
Guido Tabellini DirectorNon execxx
NOTES: Independence (Code of Conduct and TUF): indicates whether a director can be qualified as independent based on the criteria established by the Code of Conduct (December 2011 edition) and by art. 148 paragr. 3 of the TUF.
The Board of Directors meeting held on April 27 2015 checked the existence of the requisites of independence set out in the Code of Conduct.

*Deceased on January 5, 2017