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GEDI: markets and competitive positioning

GEDI Gruppo Editoriale is the number one Italian publisher of newspapers (around 740,000 copies of printed and digital newspapers and 5.8 million readers per day), the leader in online news (2.5 unique digital users every day), as well as the number two private player in the radio sector (over 7 million listeners on a daily basis).

Market Review
Total advertising investment in 2016 (Nielsen Media Research data) showed growth of 1.7% compared to 2015. The recovery in investment affected television and radio, which grew by 5.4% and 2.3% respectively. The internet, excluding search engines and social networks, posted a decline of 2.3% on 2015. Lastly, for press advertising the trend was negative (-5.6%).

The newspaper market
In 2016 sales of newspapers on the news-stands and in subscription fell by 8% compared to 2015: national newspapers reported a decline of 9.2% while local newspapers were down by 7.8% (GEDI calculations based on ADS-Accertamento Diffusioni Stampa figures). Advertising revenues from daily newspapers fell 6.7%.

The magazine market
During 2016 the circulation of weekly magazines fell by 9.5% while that of monthlies was down by 12.2% (GEDI calculations based on ADS figures).  Advertising orders declined by 4%, demonstrating a less negative performance than that of the press segment (-5.6%). In the magazine segment, the performance of advertising in news magazines was particularly critical, posting a fall of 15.8% (Osservatorio FCP figures).

The radio market
According to the Radio Monitor survey, total daily listeners over the age of 14 came to 35.5 million, up from 35 million in the previous survey (Radio Monitor 2015). Advertising investment in radio showed an increase of 2.3% in 2016.