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GEDI Gruppo Editoriale is the leading publisher of daily and multimedia news in Italy, as well as being one of the main players in Europe. It operates specifically in the following sectors:
  • press
  • radio
  • advertising
  • digital
Listed on the Milan Stock Exchange, GEDI publishes the national daily newspapers la Repubblica, La Stampa, 14 local daily newspapers, the weekly magazine L'Espresso and other magazines. It  broadcasts three national radio stations (including Radio Deejay). GEDI also operates in the internet sector and collects advertising for the group publications and also for some third-party publications.

In 2018 GEDI had revenues of € 648.7 million and an EBITDA of € 33.1 million.

The company’s CEO is Laura Cioli.

GEDI at a glance
GEDI at a glance