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Media - Espresso

Gruppo Editoriale L'Espresso is a multimedia branded company. The company, listed on the Milan Stock Exchange, publishes the national daily newspaper la Repubblica and the weekly magazine L'Espresso. It also publishes 13 local daily newspapers and broadcasts three national radio stations (including Radio Deejay). Espresso also operates in the internet sector and collects advertising for the group publications and also for some third-party publications. The company’s CEO is Monica Mondardini.

The Espresso group has organized its activities into five business divisions:
  • national press: the national daily newspaper la Repubblica and its supplements, the weekly magazine L'Espresso, four monthly publications and one bimonthly;
  • local newspaper: 12 local dailies and one three-weekly paper;
  • digital: internet and applications for mobile and new generation devices;
  • radio: three national radio stations (Radio Deejay, Radio Capital and Radio m2o);
  • advertising (with the company Manzoni).
In 2016 the Espresso group had revenues of € 585.5 million, an EBITDA of € 44.7 million and a net income of € 10.4 million.
Espresso Group at a glance
Espresso Group at a glance