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How KOS operates

Quality and training. Quality and training are what make the KOS group a leader in the healthcare and care-home sector in Italy. Quality means efficiency and the ability to respond appropriately to patients’ needs.  KOS is also distinguished by its preference for the stable employment of its staff, for standardized procedures that guarantee the safety of patients and residents and for its scientific research, which is aimed at developing and improving clinical practices.

Listening and monitoring
. The KOS group has established systems of listening to people and measuring client satisfaction, improving the level of service and participation in the various activities. This happens systematically through regular interviews with residents and their families to find out how satisfied users are. The results are published in monthly and annual reports.

Medical and scientific research and development. 
The KOS group has for years been active in the field of scientific research with innovative and experimental projects, which are then incorporated into treatment and therapeutic processes. The group promotes top- level conferences (such as Consensus Conferences) and has numerous agreements with Italian and foreign universities.