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Healthcare - KOS

KOS is one of the main Italian operators in the care-home sector. The company was founded by CIR in 2002 and counts F2i Healthcare as a stakeholder. KOS’s mission is to offer quality healthcare and residential services with professionalism, a welcoming spirit and humanity. The company operates particularly in three areas:
  • Nursing homes (RSAs): management in care homes for the non-self sufficient elderly, where it operates under the brand Anni Azzurri
  • Rehabilitation: management in functional psychiatric rehabilitation units, where it operates under the brands Santo Stefano (functional rehabilitation) and Neomesia (psychiatric rehabilitation)
  • Oncology treatment, diagnostics, hospital management: providing advanced and complex hi-tech medical services (diagnostic imagining, nuclear medicine and radio therapy) as an external service provider for the Naional Health Service, under the Medipass brand. In this business area, the group also manages the  Fratelli Montecchi Hospital in Suzzara (Mantua) 
KOS manages 83 facilities in central and northern Italy with a total of 7,750 beds.

In 2017, KOS posted revenues of 490.6 million euro and a net income of 29 million euro.

The CEO of KOS is Giuseppe Vailati Venturi.

2017 Revenues by region
2017 Revenues by region