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Healthcare - KOS

KOS is one of the main Italian operators in the care-home sector. The company was founded by CIR in 2002 and counts F2i Healthcare as a stakeholder. KOS’s mission is to offer quality healthcare and residential services with professionalism, a welcoming spirit and humanity. The company operates particularly in three areas:
  • Long-term care: managing nursing homes for the elderly under the Anni Azzurri brand, functional rehabilitation units under the Santo Stefano name and psychiatric rehabilitation under the Neomesia brand
  • Diagnostics and oncology treatments: providing advanced management services in complex hi-tech medical technologies (diagnostic imaging, nuclear medicine and radio therapy) as an external service provider under the Medipass brand

  • Hospital management: management under concession of the Fratelli Montecchi Hospital in Suzzara (Mantua)   

KOS manages 86 facilities in central and northern Italy with a total of approximately 8,150 beds.

In 2018 KOS posted revenues of € 544.9 million, EBITDA of € 101.8 million and a net income of € 35.2 million.

The CEO of KOS is Giuseppe Vailati Venturi.

2018 Revenues by region
2018 Revenues by region